Bucket crusher

The Gerlasco Ā« crusher  bucketĀ» is an innovative product for the processing of concrete / bricks and other inert materials, especially with smaller quantities or in situations where a big semi-mobile crusher is not permitted/authorized. The crusher works like a jaw crusher with one fix and one mobile jaw. The bucket is to be attached on the excavators quick-coupler and works on the hydraulic auxiliary circuit on the stick. There are no extra labourcosts involved nor other machinecosts. This results in savings regarding time and money. Big debree is excavated in the conical opening. As soon as the cranedriver activates the auxiliary function than the bucket start crushing to a (pre)installed calibre between 20-100 mm. Thanks to the economically shaped crusher jaws the product is being crushed completely homogeneous. This bucket is produced with high quality steel, durable and tough. The bucket is driven by a flywheel and chain in an oilbath. This actuation results in up to 30% savings on gasoline costs in comparison to other buckets. The conical opening makes it very easy to fill the bucket during excavating. Before the crushing process all the debree passes over the screen which eliminates the small calibre approx. 0-20. This enhances the productivity and the wear. The wear plates on both sides of the bucket are exchangeable which results in a much longer lifetime of your bucket.




Realisatie: Pluym ICT