Cutting blades

Multiple cutting blades, hardened and very durable, provided with the best price/durability/quality. Suited for mobile mounted shears and guillotineshears

Also different tip-blades (nose-blades) for multiple shears.


Mobile shears oa: Stationnary shears oa: Alligatorshears oa:
ZATO Metso-Lindemann Matech
Verachtert Lefort-Hercules Recuperma
Demarec Bronneberg Bronneberg
Genesis Moros Van de Weert
Ardennes Henschel etc.
Mantovani Becker-Leimbach
Vibraram Mosley
Okada Louritex
Rotar Sierra
VTN Thommen
NPK Copex
LST Harris
OSA-Krupp Acros
Robi Schaeffer
Drago Vezzani
Currently on stock available blade-kits:
Labounty MSD7R-MSD-15R-MSD30R-MSD40R-MSD70R-MSD106R-MSD1500R-MSD2000R-MSD2500R-MSD3000R-MSD4500R-MSD7500R-UP45R-UP75R
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