Drum cutter for pile heads

The BRC Brextor is a clever solution on the market that can ensure damage-free removal of the residual concrete. Thanks to the horizontal rotation direction of the milling chisel, no uncontrolled cracks occur in the concrete structure. The bearing surface remains 100% stable. Corrosion
damage due to penetrating water is a thing of the past.

The milling machine centres itself automatically and machines centimetre-perfect. From the alignment of the milling head to the uncovered reinforcement, machining a pile that is 1 metre in diameter and 1 metre in structural height takes a mere 30 minutes.

The modular system offers the greatest possible flexibility and is suitable for different pile types (local concrete piles, element piles) from 40 to 200 cm in diameter. The BRC Brextor works trouble-free even in confined spaces (e.g. shafts) and underwater.

Realisatie: Pluym ICT