The PAM DEK  is a personal support for all your work stitching or flaking, this ingenious spring system with a self-locking wheel, uses, amplifies and redirects the weight of the operator while absorbing the vibrations of the hammer. The working posture and the effort to produce decreases fatigue and thus increases productivity. Equipped with a water spray dust management system upon activation of the hammer, fully pneumatic, handy and with very little maintenance, The PAM DEK  is simply indispensable.


The PAM Ove is an individual station of demolition which can accommodate a wide variety of tools, hammer to drill through the lance hydro demolition ... This air station pilot's fingertips, with comfort and precision which increases up to 5 times your productivity ! Pam eliminates the constraints of weight, tiredness and risk of operator injury because it neutralizes vibration and shock ! The PAM is quick and consistent results for your demolition work.




  • pneumatic driven
  • ergonomic improvement
  • dustsurpression with water
  • absorbing vibrations / shocks
Realisatie: Pluym ICT