With Motocut pile cutter one excavation contractor can both
open up the ground and cut the piles – all this twice as fast as with
manual cutting: in under one minute per pile (depending on the pile
type). It is possible to dig out and cut a couple of piles at a time and,
that way, to start the next work phase before finishing the whole pile
cutting process. Installing the pile cutter to the excavator can be done
in a moment. From early 2017 there also exists a steel-pilecutter which cuts with plasma in stead of diamant blades. This steel-pilecutter is suited for steel pipes and steel piles from foundation works.


  • Competitive advantage for its users
  • Acceleration of construction site schedules
  • The cutting results are flawless and uniform
  • Independent of construction site conditions
  • Easy to attach, suitable for 5-tonne excavators
  • Powerful cutting. The pile cutter collects the excess part of the pile out of the way of new work phases
  • Due to its safe, compact size, it is suitable for all sites, and is easily transportable from site to site
  • Significantly increases occupational safety as workers do not need to be near heavy piles, facilitates the work of a measurer
  • The device is easy to use


  • Watertank to be installed for cooling the cutting-process
  • Heating system for subzero conditions
  • Custom build solution for abnormal pile-dimensions
  • Rototilt head for more flexibility in cutting positions
Realisatie: Pluym ICT