The ProSweep can be fitted to a wheeled loader, telehandler,or front / rear linkage of a tractor. The sweeper is equipped with a hydraulic motor inside the main brush.Exclusive ABS system (Activ’Bross System). Patented hydraulic system for automatic brush adjustment on uneven floors. The orientation is manual or hydraulic (optional).

Emily Advantages

  • Exclusivity : ABS system. Hydraulic system for an automatic brush adjustment on uneven ground.
  • Sturdiness: ideal for intensive usage.      
  • Exclusive scraping blade with hydraulic positioning (not available with the collecting box).
  • Collecting box with Easydrive (a third wheel is supplied with the collecting box).


  • Hydraulic orientation by ram left or right +/-30°.
  • Collecting box (not compatible with the scraping blade)
  • Hydraulic scraping blade (2 or 3 sections with hydraulic positions.
  • Hydraulic offset +/- 200mm…
Realisatie: Pluym ICT